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The Future of Art/Jane Kallir

Modernism is inseparable from the rise of the Western middle class. In nineteenth-century Europe, the bourgeoisie created a vast new market for art, previously a luxury enjoyed mainly by aristocrats. Cities, especially, became cultural hubs replete with museums, galleries, concert halls, theaters and publishing houses. The direct patronage that had characterized the aristocratic age was replaced by a wider distribution system that depended on intermediaries to connect artists with consumers.

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Eric Ross ERA Ensemble @ Carnegie Mellon

Eric Ross ERA Ensemble at Carnegie Mellon -in concert Composer ERIC ROSS , with videos by artist Mary Ross (USA), present their Ultimedia Concept-Music from the Future-at the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pa. on...

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Eric Ross @ LUMA/Binghamton

  Eric Ross in concert at Luma Fest   Composer ERIC ROSS ,featuring video by Mary Ross and dancer, Atsuko Yuma, presents his Ultimedia Concept-Music from the Future-Live at LUMA projection festival at Christ Episcopal...

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