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  Ragazine Covers A look back…         Volume 12 – Number 1     TO GIVE VOICE AND LIGHT… Isolated instances of terrorism put us all on edge, if not at risk. We buy guns, install steel doors, add more robust locks, accept 24/7 surveillance and the presence of armed guards in locations of strategic import including airports, train stations, power plants and even shopping malls. We spend more on a few advanced warplanes than we do on the arts in general, billions on video games that translate into simulations designed to ready generations of warriors to die for God and Country, neither of which is necessarily a bad thing when we are truly up against an imminent threat. And there’s no denying imminent threats exist. Given those needs, why do we diminish the value of the Arts and their contributions to understanding other cultures and societies, as well as our own, and along with the budgets that are needed to maintain some kind of humanity in the maelstroms that surround us? The Arts unite people in ways no other intellectual or physical platform can. They make clear the differences in lifestyles and opinions, religions and socio-economic-political systems. These differences, at least according to the concepts of a Liberal Education, are meant to be examined and discussed, not dismissed or crushed, the way we see so many trying...

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About Us / Ragazine staff   You believe in making the Arts a necessity, a part of life that matters.  You write, you make music, you draw, you paint, you observe, you think, you pull things out of the air and turn them into something palpable.  We’re here to help you get “that” — whatever “that” is — into the wider world. Michael Foldes, Founder/Managing Editor.  Mike Foldes is an electronics sales engineer specializing in electronic displays and power sources. A graduate of  The Ohio State University in anthropology,  he has edited and published magazines, poetry anthologies, chapbooks, alternate newspapers, technical publications, and was an editor and columnist with Gannett newspapers in Binghamton, NY. He is founder of the online magazine Ragazine.CC, author of Sleeping Dogs: A true story of the Lindbergh baby kidnapping …” (Split Oak Press, Ithaca, NY, 2012; Smashwords; Amazon), and Sandy: Chronicles of a Superstorm, a  volume of poetry and images in collaboration with artist Christie Devereaux. He sits on the advisory board of the Campaign for an Informed Citizenry (, and the poetry committee of “We Are You Project” ( His articles, editorials, poems and stories have appeared in publications worldwide, some in translation into Romanian, Hungarian, French and Spanish. e-mail: *protected email*. Chuck Haupt, Photography \ Layout Editor.  Chuck Haupt is based in upstate New York. His award-winning work during a 30-year career at theBinghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin is...

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The name Ragazine was coined in the mid-’70s in Columbus, Ohio, as the title of an alternative newspaper/magazine put together by a group of friends. It was revived in 2004 as, the on-line magazine of arts, information and entertainment, a collaboration of artists, writers, poets, photographers, travelers and interested others. And that’s what it still is.