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Ann Cefola/Cindy Hochman-Editor Interview

    How to Save Your Manuscript Before It Leaves Your Laptop: An Interview with Cindy Hochman   by Ann Cefola Cindy Hochman peers over a manuscript. On the first page, she has already discovered a typo, a punctuation error, and a malaprop. She feels a wave of satisfaction, tinged with a frisson of irritability. Hochman is in the business of saving writers from careless errors that will discredit their work with agents, publishers—and readers. A poet herself, this proofreader knows that writers get only one chance to make a favorable impression. A fixture in the New York City...

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Book Reviews V12N4/July-August 2016

This Amazing Cage of Light by Martine Bellen ISBN-13: 978-1941550328 – Paper/$18.00 Spuyten Duyvil: 2015   This Amazing Cage of Light Review by Tom DeBeauchamp   In “Cuccina,” one of the poem’s in her new collection, Martine Bellen writes, “The most beautiful order is still/A random collection/Of things insignificant in themselves.” Wherever you look, whatever you hear, each of the world’s phenomena has meaning only in its relationship to other phenomena. Meaning, feeling, identity apply always to these aggregates, and the orders they form in the moment of their coming to be related are singular and unique. Just...

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What our staff and contributors are up to these days:     Mary  Gregory shares editing award for Arts Coverage Ragazine contributor Mary Gregory often writes reviews for NY Press/Straus News newspapers. This year, the NY Press Association gave its 2015 first place award for best overall arts coverage  to Mary and two other Our Town Downtown arts beat writers, Gabrielle Alfiero and Val Castronovo.  “Straus News publishes 17 local weekly newspapers and associated websites in contiguous towns in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania,” according to its site. The New York Press Association is a trade organization for weekly community newspapers in the state.   ERIC ROSS: Contributing Music Editor Composer ERIC ROSS , with the work of the late video artist Mary Ross (USA), presents their Ultimedia Concept − Music from the Future − on tour this year.  Eric Ross performs on guitar, piano, synthesizer and is a Master of the Theremin, one of the first electronic instruments. Eric’s compositions include elements of jazz, classic, serial, and avant garde. Mary’s videos, projected in performance, are organized, arranged and edited to his music. In an hour-long performance, Eric will present their most recent collaborative work, the Boulevard d’Reconstructie (Op.54). 2016 Tour Dates Apr. 1    Ann Arbor, MI. Univ. of Mich. Apr. 3   Ann Arbor, MI. Kerrytown Theater May 1.   Den Bosch, NL. Toonzaal May 3.   Koln, Germany. Altes Pfandhaus. May  6. ...

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Book Reviews

Allen Ginsberg is known as one of the United States’ most significant poets, in particular thanks to his 1956 epic, “Howl,” which was the subject of a subsequent obscenity trial. Later, Ginsberg was known throughout America and the rest of the world for his role as a countercultural leader…

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From the Edge

I had no schedule or set destination, so I just rolled along, headed west. Out in the open country areas, I took my time and took in the scenery. Farms and woods, rolling fields, late September at its best: it was glorious weather. I thought that perhaps I’d treat myself, and find a cheap motel and crash that night. Maybe have a beer or two in a bar within walking-distance of my motel. It was a good plan. The next day, I drove into Minnesota, which was beautiful in the first days of autumn, with the farmers harvesting their crops and bailing hay for winter feed.

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