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David Gittens/S. Korea Mon Amour

Photo: Kisoon Choi “Only Hearts” Art/Peace Project Sharing the peacemaking visions of 3,500 Sarasota, Florida students with students in Chungju, South Korea   Taking our Florida-grown art/peace project to Chungju, South Korea, as a featured segment of my artist’s residency at the Ureuk World Music house, was a wonderful cross-cultural opportunity. Whilst the director of the music house and I had fairly clear ideas on the ways of introducing this project to students in Korea, I was not prepared for the ways in which my heart would be impacted by the wonders encountered again and again on this odyssey,...

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On Location/Greg Stewart’s NY

Greg Stewart photo Jack and Odetta, Stage Left 2  Odetta Hartman Rocks the House at Rough Trade   Review and photos by Greg Stewart   Odetta Hartman and Jack Inslee take the stage under blue lights at Rough Trade in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Jack fills a long table with the gadgets necessary for electronic music production, a drum-pad and his Mac laptop with a smiling sticker on the back. Odetta stands in a sea of instruments  she will pick up and play masterfully throughout the performance. After a loving, comfortable introduction, the two begin an intertwining exchange of sounds. Odetta’s voice echoes in ethereal vocalizations...

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Painting Rust & Blood and Salsa – Tom Bradley Review

Full disclosure: Jonathan Penton is this reviewer’s fraternal twin. That’s right. The author currently under examination was parturated clinging onto my red-hairy ankle. He entered upon this particular incarnation all primed to fuck me out of my birthright for some dribbles of lentil soup the color of blood, salsa and unpainted rust. So, how have I managed, in this strange critique, to approach my rival sibling’s stuff with such an unjaundiced eye? Is it due to the magisterial disinterestedness of my critical faculty?

Perhaps it’s just because—as I’ve suddenly come to realize, now that Bradley’s Complaint has been duly lodged and I’ve delivered myself of my authorial pet peeve—I don’t give a fuck. I don’t even recognize the notion of birthright.

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Pablo Caviedes/Artist Interview

More and more, as my life journey progresses, I feel and understand the great need to give greater value to the preservation and care of “Mother Earth,” or as we say in Latin-American world, “Pacha Mama” – by which we mean the planet earth with Nature and all it carries, the very life of its species. That is why I have been increasingly questioning the aspects of the modern world that revolve around a system of generating a prevailing capital, which is increasingly and obsessively prized in the current system, over a human capital. For that reason my political vision comes in hand with any manifestation and tendency close to a more humanistic vision, a vision that dignifies the coexistence between human beings, their habitat and the rest of the species with the preservation of these in balance and harmony of all.

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8 Books Worth A Look/Reviews

Queen Kong by Amanda J. Bradley 88 Pages, 7 x 10 Library of Congress Control Number:  2017930503 ISBN:  978-1-63045-038-0 Anticipated Publication Date:  April 24,, 2017 Cover Illustration by Mikayla Lewis  by Emily Vogel, Poetry Editor Much of classic feminist theory has insisted that women must reject their roles as “objects” in relation to men, and reclaim the role of “subject.” Since we have been perpetually immured in a patriarchal power structure, women must find a platform to inhabit this privileged subjective position. Amanda J. Bradley’s new book of poems, “Queen Kong” achieves just this. One of the platforms to which a woman has access in...

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