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8 Books Worth A Look/Reviews

Queen Kong by Amanda J. Bradley 88 Pages, 7 x 10 Library of Congress Control Number:  2017930503 ISBN:  978-1-63045-038-0 Anticipated Publication Date:  April 24,, 2017 Cover Illustration by Mikayla Lewis  by Emily Vogel, Poetry Editor Much of classic feminist theory has insisted that women must reject their roles as “objects” in relation to men, and reclaim the role of “subject.” Since we have been perpetually immured in a patriarchal power structure, women must find a platform to inhabit this privileged subjective position. Amanda J. Bradley’s new book of poems, “Queen Kong” achieves just this. One of the platforms to which a woman has access in...

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Marc Vincenz/Interview

On the surface, few believe that change can occur through rhetoric or wordplay and yet, a critical mass appears to be as easily swayable today as they were during the rise of the Communist parties of China or the Soviet Union or the National Socialist Party of Germany—or even more recent brain-scrubbers like Sun Myung Moon and L. Ron Hubbard. Public figures and media addicts somehow manage to float on even the flimsiest of logic. In the end it appears that it is emotion that sways a populace. How else could millions follow the obvious maniacal rants of a rug-headed, ineloquent narcissist whose family rechristened themselves after a deceptive playing card?

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Five More Books/V12N4

In addition to weaving an engrossing story in Finding the Raven, Pieczka’s two main protagonists happen to be young women with substance. At a time when well-heeled women were considered to be little more than ornaments for a man’s arm with few rights outside of child-rearing and the running of the household, the characters of Julia and Rose evolve from being helpless females to slowly standing on their own two feet as they take command of their lives.

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Ann Cefola/Cindy Hochman-Editor Interview

    How to Save Your Manuscript Before It Leaves Your Laptop: An Interview with Cindy Hochman   by Ann Cefola Cindy Hochman peers over a manuscript. On the first page, she has already discovered a typo, a punctuation error, and a malaprop. She feels a wave of satisfaction, tinged with a frisson of irritability. Hochman is in the business of saving writers from careless errors that will discredit their work with agents, publishers—and readers. A poet herself, this proofreader knows that writers get only one chance to make a favorable impression. A fixture in the New York City...

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Book Reviews V12N4/July-August 2016

This Amazing Cage of Light by Martine Bellen ISBN-13: 978-1941550328 – Paper/$18.00 Spuyten Duyvil: 2015   This Amazing Cage of Light Review by Tom DeBeauchamp   In “Cuccina,” one of the poem’s in her new collection, Martine Bellen writes, “The most beautiful order is still/A random collection/Of things insignificant in themselves.” Wherever you look, whatever you hear, each of the world’s phenomena has meaning only in its relationship to other phenomena. Meaning, feeling, identity apply always to these aggregates, and the orders they form in the moment of their coming to be related are singular and unique. Just...

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