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Summer Fun-draiser

©Brooklyn Morgan photo ***   Summer Fun-draiser ix months ago we decided to take a break. That was with Volume 12, Issue 1/January-February (2016). It was a departure from the norm, six issues a year, every two months. It’s good to take a break, once in a while, but that’s not all we did. It […]

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Joel Nsadha / Photographer

My work has always been a way for me to tell the stories that I come across, but after I won a huge award I feel more conscious and intentional about my work in a way that I probably hadn’t before. I spent 10 years taking pictures of people and things because I loved the stories and places. I had no idea I was capturing moments and souls. Now I know I have to do it intentionally.

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The name Ragazine was coined in the mid-’70s in Columbus, Ohio, as the title of an alternative newspaper/magazine put together by a group of friends. It was revived in 2004 as, the on-line magazine of arts, information and entertainment, a collaboration of artists, writers, poets, photographers, travelers and interested others. And that’s what it still is.