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Transient Visions: Festival of the Moving Image 2015

Transient Visions: Festival of the Moving Image 2015, presents its third annual celebration of experimental film at Spool MFG. on October 16 & 17. Four different screenings showcase the works of emerging and established filmmakers from Johnson City to Kyoto. Friday and Saturday’s screenings will be followed by multimedia performances by Patrick Cain and Flatsitter. October 16 & 17, 2015 Doors open at 5:30 Screenings at 6pm & 8pm Performances follow at 10pm Suggested Donation 5$ Transient Visions: Festival of the Moving Image was established in 2013. It celebrates the cutting edge art of the moving image through screenings, exhibitions, and performances. Selected films have been produced locally and across the globe; Transient Visions has screened the works of Albert Alcoz, Amber Bemak, Debora and Jason Bernagozzi, Vera Brunner-Sung, Alberto Cabrera Bernal, Roger Deutsch, Clint Enns, Thorsten Fleisch, LJ Frezza, Vincent Grenier, Christina Hunt, Ted Kennedy, Eva Kolcze, Péter Lichter, Jesse Malmed, Kristin Reeves, Joel Wanek, Josh Weissbach, among many others. Transient Visions serves as a venue to meet artists in this region and beyond, exchanging and sharing ideas, while developing mutual relationships. Funding for Transient Visions: Festival of the Moving Image 2015 was provided in part by a project grant from the Broome County Art Council’s United Cultural Fund. For more information please visit...

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Bill Payne and the Minstrels

Featuring Bill Payne of Little Feat/Keys, Connor Kennedy/Guitar/Vocals, Brandon Morrison/Bass, Will Bryant/Organ/Vocals and Lee Falco/Drums Bill Payne For the past four decades, Bill has spent most of his time on the road, in studios & working with rock n’ roll hall of famers. He’s one of rock’s most talented keyboardists, a legitimate legend among peers. In addition to great songs with Little Feat: Oh Atlanta, Time Loves A Hero, Tripe Face Boogie, he has been writing with Robert Hunter over the last couple of years. A founding member of Little Feat, he’s appeared on hundreds of studio albums & toured with the likes of James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Bob Seger, Bonnie Raitt, Jimmy Buffett, and the Doobie Brothers. He is currently on tour with Leftover Salmon, and is developing a path with Larry Campbell. Connor Kennedy & Minstrel Hailing from the foothills of the Catskill Mountains, Connor Kennedy & Minstrel cut their proverbial teeth bringing a sound from town to town, up and down the Hudson River Valley, they call home. The band – Connor Kennedy (guitar/vocals), Will Bryant (organ/vocals), Lee Falco (drums/vocals), and Brandon Morrison (bass/vocals) – have been working together, fearlessly creating a unified sound – a sound that has been lost in today’s technologically imposed distance. Rock is nothing without roll. Their heroes are post-electric-blues British conduits, third stream jazz composers, that kid from...

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HANNAH SANDERS with Liz Simmons at the Canaan Institute Thu Sep 10th Brooktondale NY

BROOKTONDALE NY – Hannah Sanders with Liz Simmons Thursday September 10th at the Canaan Institute – Traditional English folk songs. Hannah Sanders is a traditional English folk singer and DADGAD finger-style guitarist who hails from Norwich, England. She started singing traditional songs with her family band The Dunns when she was a teenager. $18- 7 pm House Concert followed by a sing or jam session. Reservations: please RSVP to *protected email* or online Facebook

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The Bard and the Bud

Did Shakespeare Get the Munchies AAA While Writing About Sex?  “As luck would have it, a pirate named Ragozine, of similar appearance to Claudio, has recently died of a fever, so his head is sent to Angelo instead.” Measure for Measure   By John Smelcer, Ph.D. Contributing Editor     A team of South African scientists using mass spectrometry  recently confirmed the presence of  both “cannabis residue” and “Peruvian cocaine” in pipe fragments on loan from the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust in Stratford-upon-Avon, England.   Imagine. William Shakespeare: Pothead.   “Yo, Dude! To be or not to be. Gnarly.”  ...

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From the Edge

I had no schedule or set destination, so I just rolled along, headed west. Out in the open country areas, I took my time and took in the scenery. Farms and woods, rolling fields, late September at its best: it was glorious weather. I thought that perhaps I’d treat myself, and find a cheap motel and crash that night. Maybe have a beer or two in a bar within walking-distance of my motel. It was a good plan. The next day, I drove into Minnesota, which was beautiful in the first days of autumn, with the farmers harvesting their crops and bailing hay for winter feed.

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