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Meet the Artist: Masami Teraoka

Masami Teraoka will be in the gallery of his exhibition Feast of Fools: The Triptych Paintings of Masami Teraoka. He will open and close the triptychs, answer questions, and work on his unfinished painting Pussy Riot/Swan...

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Joe Carozza Trio CD Release “Crossing the Hudson”

Joe Carozza Joe Carozza has been performing throughout the US for 30 years, playing Jazz, Blues, Big Band and Show Band. He has performed with Pete Yellen, Billy Drews, Eddie Bert, James Williams, Joshua Breakstone, Bill Crow , Armond Denelian, Turk Mauro, Nick Brignola, Eric Persons, Hugh Brody, Gary Burton, Francesca Tanksley, John Esposito, Pete Levin, Lee Shaw, Ed Diehl, Ira Coleman, Cameron Brown,Tony Marino,Walter Booker, Rich Syracuse, Doug Weiss, Antonio Hart, Mark Turner and Sam Newsome among others. Joe lead his trio with Peter Tomlison and Tom Charlap and was a member of Steve Raleigh’s Quartet. With...

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LarryMoses + The Latin Jazz Explosion

A line-up of seasoned pros performing their interpretations of the music of Cuba, Puerto Rico and Latino NYC! Larry Moses/Trumpet (Eddie Palmieri, Machito, Thad Jones/Mel Lewis) Mike Migliore/Tenor Sax (Arturo OFarril,Maynard Ferguson) Derrick James/Tenor Sax(West Point Jazz Knights, Paul Simon) James Ratner/Piano (Los Tainos) Lew Scott/Bass (Clark Terry,David Liebman) Roland Vazquez/Drums (Clare Fischer Salsa Picante;Urban Ensemble,Roland Vazquez Quintet) Pito Castillo/Congas (Charansalsa,Copacabana House...

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Tasting @ The Falcon

North River’s Cuvee Brut, French Farmhouse and Rose are the only sparkling wines presently made entirely from Hudson Valley Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, and in the traditional Champagne method. Tastings: $5 for one 50ml tasting, $8 for two and $10 for all three. North River sparkling wines are produced according to the complex traditional methods of the Champagne region of France, with tiny bubbles achieved by secondary fermentation in each bottle, and “sur lees” aging for a distinctive, compelling yeasty flavor. 50ml pours $5 for one tasting, $8 for two and $10 for all three extraordinary wines! Produced and...

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Rolling with the Stones

“… What I remember the most was that several hours afterwards I was walking down the hotel corridor and as I passed an open door I saw Keith Richards sitting at a table by himself in his room. Of course having not met him yet I just continued walking but within a second or two I heard ‘Hey, roadie, come on in and say hello.’ Well I sort of froze but managed to saunter into his room, noticing that a rather large amount of drugs and a bottle of Jack Daniels were his only company. And as he invited me to sit, talk and enjoy I remember saying to myself ‘Don’t blow this man, I think he wants to see who I am so I got to keep up with it all, I mean this is fucking Keith Richards.’…”

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