Author: Chuck Haupt

Alec Dawson / Photographer Interview

For my Nocturna series, all I would do is go for a walk with the model in dark neighborhood. I’d find a spot where the lighting was favorable/inspirational. I’d set my camera up on a tripod and test the exposure. The model would disrobe, place herself in the scene, and I would take a few photographs. We’d pack up and move to another spot. Typically, I would get at least 10 solid photographs from a single evening of walking around.

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Photo Editor’s Choice / March-April 2015

©2014 Mark Richards Breadline Cafe, Duncannon Street, London vvv vvv Capturing Darkness and Light vvv The inspiration for this series of photographs came from the famous painting ‘Nighthawks’ by Edward Hopper, which is a masterful work capturing the interaction between darkness and artificial light. I was walking down Duncannon Street near Trafalgar Square in London and spotted the Breadline Café. It was dusk, the ground was wet and the glow of the lights from the café had a ‘Hopperesque’ atmosphere. It was a photograph that was crying out to be taken and it was the seed from which this series...

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How We Do Holiday Greetings

The Personal Touch

People used to save their Christmas and other holiday cards from year to year, sometimes filling boxes with greetings never to be seen or read again, as they were stashed in sealed boxes in the back of the attic until a next-gen found and threw them away…

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