Author: Chuck Haupt

Zdeno Kostka / Photography

Nowadays it is more and more difficult to find a landscape intact. That’s why I look for subjects with poor lighting or shrouded by mist, and mostly focus on remarkable and curious parts, and small details of landscape and nature – natural still life.

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Janez Vlachy / Photographer Spotlight

© JANEZ VLACHY Photographer Spotlight Slovenia’s Man on the Street Artist’s statement: I still stop my future models when I see them coming down the street and invite them to come to my studio, telling them I am making a new exhibition series. Some are happy about it, some don’t get it. To some an exhibition means nothing, so it gets very frustrating sometimes. Our relationship starts with the first coffee, explaining to them my vision. Sometimes I have an explicit idea but it never comes out as expected, so it is an improvisation all the time. My daydreams never hold in practice. I...

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Cynthia Karalla / Photographer

Case in point, after 6 years of photographing the same tree in the park, it was only recently that she got something she could actually embrace. It wasn’t the tree that changed, but it was everything around it (including her) that finally let her see and represent the tree in its proper relation to its surroundings.

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Bud Glick / Photographer

The same desire to connect with other people brought me to documentary photography. From the beginning, I was inspired by documentary photographers and documentary photography was all I wanted to do. The camera was a bridge back to my childhood love of art and, for me, a better way to connect to a wider world…

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