Author: Chuck Haupt

Lucy Nell Stewart / Artist Interview

R: The Delaware Water Gap is a beautiful, scenic area that people usually just pass through on Route 80 or stop nearby for the shopping mall. How did you happen to find a home there?

LNS: I wasn’t aware of a mall.

I saw a picture of a place on a wall outside a building in the East Village . I was desperate to escape, and it felt like a good idea. There were loads of heavenly crawling and hopping and flying creatures in the area so I knew it was for me indeed!

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Ellen Jantzen / Photographer Spotlight

©Ellen Jantzen Amplification Photographer Spotlight Coming Into Focus   In this series I am exploring the realm of one’s environmental surroundings, how it is absorbed into one’s psyche and how this changes through relocations. In these days of refuges relocating from their homelands to distant places, my move from the Midwest to the West may seem trivial, but there are still feelings of dislocation and assimilation that take place. I approach this new work as both a window through which I observe my new surrounds (recording what I see) and a mirror where I bring my sensibilities to bear,...

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Ellen Jantzen / Focus

Reverential Reverential Album Ellen Jantzen / Focus Through Space-Time In The High Desert Through Space-Time In The High Desert Album Ellen Jantzen / Focus Final Resting Final Resting Album Ellen Jantzen / Focus The Approach Of Symmetry The Approach Of Symmetry Album Ellen Jantzen / Focus Interference Interference Album Ellen Jantzen / Focus Road To Abiquiu Road To Abiquiu Album Ellen Jantzen / Focus Cloudburst Cloudburst Album Ellen Jantzen / Focus AutoChrome AutoChrome Album Ellen Jantzen / Focus Barrier Relief Barrier Relief Album Ellen Jantzen /...

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Arito Nishiki

Namikake01 Namikake01 Album Arito Nishiki Namikake02 Namikake02 Album Arito Nishiki Namikake03 Namikake03 Album Arito Nishiki Namikake04 Namikake04 Album Arito Nishiki Namikake05 Namikake05 Album Arito Nishiki Namikake06 Namikake06 Album Arito Nishiki Namikake07 Namikake07 Album Arito Nishiki Namikake08 Namikake08 Album Arito Nishiki Namikake09 Namikake09 Album Arito Nishiki Namikake010 Namikake010 Album Arito Nishiki Namikake011 Namikake011 Album Arito Nishiki Namikake012 Namikake012 Album Arito Nishiki Namikake013 Namikake013 Album Arito Nishiki Namikake014 Namikake014 Album Arito Nishiki Namikake015 Namikake015 Album Arito...

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Resurrection Resurrection Album Jessica Planet Planet Album Jessica Orphan Orphan Album Jessica Nighthawk Nighthawk Album Jessica Magnetic Magnetic Album Jessica Indiglow Indiglow Album Jessica Convergence Convergence Album Jessica Check-Mate Check-Mate Album Jessica Alcove Alcove Album...

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