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Fred Roberts / Dispatches

he EurNoVision project which began in 2015 released a new edition late December 2016, curated by Paul Mangan. The compilation registers a strong political statement at a time when the veneer on Europe is showing serious cracks. Waves of refugees. Brexit. Terrorist attacks. While Europe veers towards disintegration, the cycle of songs shows a cohesive spiritual unity with many stand-out entries.

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Fred Roberts/Music

Mention the record label Sun and the first associations are Memphis, Elvis or Sam Phillips. It’s what I thought when I first stumbled upon the 78 with a Sun design, but from a company located in the…

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Fred Roberts/Music

Crystin Moritz photo *** The Brilliant Dilettantes: Modern experiments in Art & Music    Introduction One often hears the deliberately misspelled term “geniale Dilletanten” in Germany used to describe a performance that floats in the realm between virtuosity, art and experimentation. The term originates from a festival in Berlin 1981, performances which blurred the borders between music and art. The bands Einstürzenden Neubauten and Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft are alumni of that movement, to name the most famous. Roughly translated “geniale Dilletanten” means brilliant dilettantes. If Dali sat down to play the piano it might not be a world class...

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