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Habeas Corpus/Book Review

  Habeas Corpus   by Cindy Hochman   (Glass Lyre Press, 2015)   ISBN-10: 1941783023   ISBN-13: 978-1941783023   Softbound, 27 pages, $12.00           Habeas Corpus   Reviewed by Jeff Santosuosso     While Cindy Hochman’s been detained in her body, she casts her own judgment in Habeas Corpus. Her newest chapbook covers incarceration and freedom, encumbrance and aspiration. All with a wicked wit. Joys and triumphs, pleasures and delights, share the pages with tragedy and grief, pain and anguish. She knows them all, and reveals them all, in pithy, witty body parts.   So...

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Galanty Retweets

*** *** *** Unnecessary clapping * * * and other white elephants *** from Galanty Miller *** I gave it all up to pursue my dream of being poor./ Let’s all give a big round of applause to unnecessary clapping./ I won’t be able to attend your wedding because I’ve been invited to play Candy Crush on the same day./ I was acquitted on all charges except “threatening the jury”./ My wife and I are into threesomes because we both prefer to be on top./ The worst part about going to court for jaywalking was having to face the victims’ families./ Yes, it’s a very sexy steak. But stop looking at it like it’s a piece of meat./ If you accidentally spill a little seltzer on your shirt, what’s the best way to get it out?/ I wrote a screenplay about thieves who come up with a clever way to rob a bank. But rather than sell my script, I decided to just rob a bank./ My last words were “God this sucks.” Oop- I meant that those were my FIRST words./ I would like to see a reality show about what the Kardashians do when the cameras are *off*./ You can’t spell ‘friend’ without ‘end.’/ My wife and I had that awkward conversation, which every couple goes through, where we point out each other’s physical flaws./ My company guarantees...

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Music/Fred Roberts

Ragazine is pleased to present a world premier video by Club K out of Kristianstad, Sweden. If you’ve heard of Club K before you will probably want to skip straight to the video.

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