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On Location/France

Milo Moiré demands total freedom for her art. This can take different forms, because every creator has his/her own reconstruction of reality. As the Swiss artist (of Slovak and Iberian heritage) cultivates the embodiment of nudity, it is at the same moment to remove the constraints of…

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Murray Alfredson

Hamas Is that jihad war for Allah and his people?, and victory that you have shown the world the evil of your foes? Allah the hundred- named if he is all you say faces no danger; the shells the bombs the phosphorus that you with pinprick rockets prod your enemies to hurl upon your homes your schools your hospitals your mosques your markets is that jihad and victory? Sick burned in bed your wives and children crushed or blasted in their kitchens — how is that jihad for Allah’s people? Rather you have satisfied fierce anger at the wrongs inflicted by your foes. Your revenge-lust has thrust aside kicked and trampled heart-wisdom has drawn down death and fire upon Allah’s people.   Words of Joachim the prophet Joachim the prophet lifts high his voice; he calls from where he walks and dwells in the Negev. He seeks the rulers of his people; he travels to their towns to meet them, they will not hear; the shutters of their hearts are closed against him, their mind-doors barred. So in the streets he cries: Thus says Elohim the Lord of loving-kindness, who watched you through your anguish, the years of your dispersal, allowed the scattering that held your heritage alive when foes would wipe you from the earth — thus says your Lord: Though I, your God have suffered much through...

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Steve Bromberg / Life Always Seems to Surprise Me

The last time I was in Vegas I lost. Dr. Heart Stat!
What does it mean to be at that moment between the last breath and nothing, when everything slows down just before it ends and you know it’s the end and you see yourself for who you really are. Can you imagine? Really see yourself for the first time and think holy crap and then think wait! I can’t go yet…

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