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David Williams/Poetry

 Two Poems   Loving Backwards   “Me me me” is what Dad says, “me is all you think about and you are selfish.” I forget what I did. Dad works hard all the time. I always say I’m sorry. Then I am sorry.   He does not have time to throw ball and run. I can’t catch or throw, and things. I don’t care. Or even want to get picked even. But everyone says, “that boy sure can run.” I am very fast.   I don’t even like to be around a whole lot of boys, so camp is...

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Fred Skolnik / A Freudian Analysis

When it comes to dreams, I am a Freudian. Ten thousand hours of “scientific” experiments on sleeping volunteers to tell us in which part of the night we dream most intensely is just not good enough; and while I am not too keen on psychoanalysis as a therapeutic method (leaning in the direction of existential analysis), I am convinced that Freud described the dream process correctly…

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Jim Palombo/Politics

“… we have an education system that seems most focused on verifying its own worth, making it ‘too busy’ to be concerned with developing ongoing, civic dialogue. (Especially in these turbulent political times, this should be a top priority, at least on par with developing technological skills.)”

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We Are You Project @ Kean Univ.

A AA AAA The We Are Your Project: AAA “An Exhibition on Social Justice & Immigration”   Kean University’s The Human Rights Institute presents The We Are You Project, a comprehensive coast-to-coast depiction of 21st Century Latino socio-cultural, political, and economic conditions, reflecting triumphs, achievements, risks and vulnerabilities, confronting and affecting all Latinos “within” as well as “outside” the USA. The five primary themes of this unique exhibit are: 1). Latino immigration, 2). Latinization, 3). the current anti-Latino backlash, 4). the rise of Pan-Latino transculturalism, as well as 5). the investigation of diverse Latino identities emerging at this time.   These five themes, along with their concomitant artistic manifestations, both capture and reflect increasing US Latino demographic-growth, and inevitable North American cultural shifts that will result, characterized by the term Latinization. Moreover, the above five key We Are You Project thematic issues reinforce a “new” transcultural bonding between US-Latinos and Latin Americans. Perceptibly, as the 3rd millennium unfolds, dynamic changes are occurring within the Latino community engendered by generous ground-level barrio support fostering greater camaraderie, whereby Latinos strive and attain success by both individually and collectively reaching for the “American Dream.”  Equally significant, along with the inevitable cultural shifts that will emerge with a surging Latino population, there will also be a dramatic influence on the social, political, and economic fabric of the USA and the world.       FROM THE ART SHOW OPENING:    ...

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Joseph H. Lindsley, 1920-2015

Joe’s presence was a godsend to many directionless youth seeking someone who would listen to them without being judgmental. If anything, he was the ultimate encourager, listening, sharing, reinforcing the natural and native inclinations, and creativity, of those he knew. The constancy in his own work, and the encouragement he provided others to pursue their own dreams and creative urges, were a cure for their insecurity, and perhaps even his own best medicine for what sometimes must have been an ailing spirit. But spirited he was, and that’s how he is remembered here.

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