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On Location/France

The photographs do more than writing may ever say or show. They filter the core of the female secret, her native shade of which the human being never gets tired and may never understand.

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Felix Kubin/Music

    In October 2014 Finders Keepers Records released a compilation of music from the home recording scene of the early 1980s in Germany. This important collection documents the mood of those times, as well as representing the primeval ooze out of which the Neue Deutsche Welle evolved. The music has lost none of its actuality today. With kind permission we reprint here the liner notes written by the curator and dadatronic musician and composer, Felix Kubin. — Fred Roberts, Music Editor   * * * Science Fiction Park Bundesrepublik       by Felix Kubin   Noise Obsession...

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Lyn Lifshin/Poetry

   LIPS   Yours, honey, were so perfect, a little rosebud mouth, not those puffed up blubbery things, my mother says when I pointed out the models’ collagen petals. “Roses,” my mother always says, “That’s what yours were, a nice tiny nose. That’s from your father. One good thing. Not a big ugly one like I’ve got.” I think of my mother’s lips, moving close to my hair, how her breath was always sweet. “Too thin lips, like your father’s,” show stinginess.” She was right. A man who couldn’t give presents or love, a good word or money. I only remember three things he told me and all begin with Don’t tho my mother said stories came from those lips, that he brought me a big dog. I only remember the thinness of his lips, how the death meant I wouldn’t have to leave school to testify for the divorce. Lips. When I came home from camp I found Love Without Fear in the bathroom and read “if a girl lets a man put his tongue on her lips down there, she’ll let him do anything,” and then some thing about deflowering. A strange word I thought trying to imagine flowers down there, rosebuds not only on my mouth, a petal opening, but a whole bush of petals, a raft of roses someone kneeling would take me away on,...

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Rosy Lamb/Art-Interview

JP: What distinguishes you from other artists?

RL: The only time I ask myself this question is when I am worried about the rent. When I am fully lost in my work I go in the direction of my struggle and my pleasure without reference to others or a clear idea of what I am doing or why.

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Eric Ross/Music Review

To be honest, I felt a bit intimidated to approach reviewing an album that by all accounts is an important work. I know very little about the Theremin, beyond that it was invented in 1920 and used in songs like the Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations” and the beautiful and haunting theme for the 1960s’ series “Dark Shadows,” composed by Robert Colbert. The album has received rave reviews from the New York Times and other world class publications. The only thing I can offer are my personal experiences and perceptions listening to the music, to tell why the music was interesting to me…

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