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Stephanie Golisch/CNF

Blue Eyes slinkily stares me down like he’s caught me shoplifting and he’s going to let me walk out of his store with whatever I want. His impish grin is like callused hands tickling my neck. I immediately tell myself I’m imagining things. I’m the sweatiest, smelliest and most disheveled I’ve ever been in my life…

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Art Kane / Photographer

Art Kane (1925 – 1995) was one of the most influential photographers of the twentieth century. A bold visionary, Kane’s work encompassed fashion, editorial, celebrity portraiture, travel, and nudes with a relentless and innovative eye.

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Jeannine Hall Gailey/Poetry

 —————————- 5 Poems by Jeannine Hall Gailey   Oak Ridge is a Mystery It cannot be penetrated because of the dark leaves of the oaks and maples, standing so close you can hear them whisper, “Keep out.” The carpet of needles beneath your feet, silencing. The foxfire in the woods an illusion of light, the mountains hung with a shroud of smoke. The robot scientist is a mystery to his daughter, a cipher that cannot be explicated. His badge is magical; the clicking of his lab equipment warns her: Keep Out. Even now they rely on the whisk of data packets on high-speed cable as a way to tell the truth. Computers don’t lie; they only do what they are told. Your secrets are safe with them. Oak Ridge National Labs is a mystery, so many signs saying: Keep Out. So many files have been labeled “Confidential: To be opened…”  Our physicist tour guide laughs, jokes around as he leads us through Buildings X, Y, and K; but you know what he can’t say, what he whispered into closed files. Oak Ridge is a mystery; the dark place in the earth where poisons are buried, where the worms do their work. How the grass raises its head even though it carries a heavy metallurgical load. How the trout and the catfish tackle the brooks down the hillside stacked with...

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Fiction/Kristen Clanton

Before she was found beneath the interstate, her face half-missing, her body stripped clean, except for the fingers with their golden rings, Destiny’s mother stayed busy. It was in the audience of men…

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