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On Location/France

© ANNE BARLINCHKOFF Images , used with permission In the Name of Love   by Jean-Paul Gavard-Perrett Contributing Columnist With translations by Helene Gaillet de Neergaard     Often barefooted, Anne Barlinckoff’s models remain elegant, soft charming queens without an edge of showing off. Unbeknownst to herself, the artist captures them with a rare sensibility and magnetism. From their warm bodies emanate barely a suggestive caress at sunrise. Sometimes like a tiny shell gleaned from the sand, a space where water could not be more pure, captured in a bare hand. Anne Barlinchkoff wishes to present herself as controversial, but stands rather...

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Poison Friends/Video Review

   A Continuing Influence       “Poison Friends” (Les amitiés maléfiques) Movie Review 2007 French with English Sub-Titles 100 minutes Director: Emmanuel Bourdieu     by M. Sedlof   We recently lost an old friend. Old in years but not in spirit. One of the many takeaways from his 95-year-long life was his love of film. The repertoire included hundreds of cassettes and DVDs purchased at discount from overflowing bins at local supermarkets, drugstores and garage sales. The kinds of bins that looked picked over before anyone else had had a chance to do so. The shake from these...

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Stephen Poleskie/Then and Now

UFO article on the front page of the Berkeley Gazette *** *** My UFO Sightings     By Stephen Poleskie    My previous article, about a ghost I met while I was staying in the Palazzo Massimo in Rome, received quite a number of comments. You say you read the article and only saw one item in the comment box. Yes, you are right. It is not that my friends can’t figure out the code necessary to post. Although 5 x ?  = 49 was a hard one for off the top of your head, I am sure one’s cell...

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Lyn Lifshin/Poetry

Three Poems   APRIL, PARIS     Nothing would be less shall we call it what it is, a cliché than April in Paris. But this poem got started with some thing I don’t think I could do but it reminded me of Aprils and then three magazines came with Paris on the cover. Sometimes I’m amazed at all the places I’m not, lets say Paris since actually it’s only March but in the magazines they are at outdoor cafes which must be quite chilly now. And I forgot the cigarette smoke, until I see many in the photographs are holding what I’m sure isn’t a pen. I wondered how they can always be eating, biting and licking something sweet and still have the most gorgeous bodies. I wonder too how my friend, once an actress, so maybe that’s a clue, could dress up in scanty, naughty, as she puts it clothes for her husband while I am sitting here in baggy jeans and torn sweatshirts. I’m wondering if it’s because he’s lost his job and she is trying to cheer him up. I began thinking of Paris when she described the umbrella she decorated with drops of rain, how she just wore a garter belt under it. I thought of tear shaped drops of rain I made for the Junior Prom’s April in Paris, long before I felt...

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