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Movie Review/David Nestor

Greg and Earl are childhood friends who make cleverly titled film parodies of classic films. Some of these include: Anatomy of a Burger, Senior Citizen Kane, The 400 Bros, to name a few. This can be considered an homage to Michel Gondry’s “sweded” films in Be Kind Rewind; in which case there are also several scenes of stop-motion animation that can also be found in his work.

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Phyllis Carol Agins/Fiction

THE ALTAR     by  Phyllis Carol Agins   Bella knows what she is running from. One failed marriage, two dramatic love affairs. A third abortion that was almost too late when she might be tempted, at thirty-nine, to keep this, maybe her only-chance baby. When she’s as empty as her womb, she decides to teach English anywhere the world wants to learn it.   She fills out applications and sends full-size photos. At last she packs her bag for South America — far enough from her old mistakes. A place where Christianity is the winner, but where other...

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Crime in America/Jim Palombo

When I first encountered Merton’s thoughts I was struck by his focus on the imbalance/inequality between ends and means that, for me as well as many others, was an issue in our society. In other words, the links between opportunities, unequal social conditions and deviant-criminal behavior that could be gleaned from his tenets were more than obvious. And although his emphasis was primarily on lower class behavior (which was in academic circles a critical shortcoming), it seemed only reasonable that by using the notion of strain and extending into the other classes, one could help explain the sometimes unexplainable deviant-criminal behavior emanating from across the societal spectrum.

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The Bard and the Bud

Did Shakespeare Get the Munchies AAA While Writing About Sex?  “As luck would have it, a pirate named Ragozine, of similar appearance to Claudio, has recently died of a fever, so his head is sent to Angelo instead.” Measure for Measure   By John Smelcer, Ph.D. Contributing Editor     A team of South African scientists using mass spectrometry  recently confirmed the presence of  both “cannabis residue” and “Peruvian cocaine” in pipe fragments on loan from the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust in Stratford-upon-Avon, England.   Imagine. William Shakespeare: Pothead.   “Yo, Dude! To be or not to be. Gnarly.”  ...

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