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Fred Bendheim’s “Shapings”

Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google+ StumbleUpon Like Previous Next Admin Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google+ StumbleUpon Like 0 Discuss Download Open Link Close Full Description Bendheim View Of The Harbor, 60 X 61, Oil Wood Keyboard Shortcuts Dismiss SSlideshow MMaximize  Previous  Next escClose   Artist Statement: My current work spans the boundaries between painting and sculpture. They are abstract, shaped paintings and relief sculptures, usually on wood or PVC, which I call “shapings”. My subjects are usually abstract: they are made of forms, lines, colors and their relationships to each other and the spaces that they inhabit. My work is based on principles, so I do not rely only on the precedence of my own work, or the work of other artists. I work using a combination of intuition and principles of composition. I try to keep my art alive, fresh, spontaneous and challenging and I find working in a non-rectangular format gives me a freedom to express visual impulses, and allows for surprising results. I have worked in various media and sizes, from installations in entire buildings, outdoor billboards, to the intimate in scale. I imagine the sum of my work, throughout the 40-plus years of its making, as something living, like a tree, with many varied branches. Shapings is the latest branch of that living creation.     About the Artist: Fred Bendheim was born in Phoenix,...

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Prisms, Particles, and Refractions/Book Review

Prisms, Particles, and Refractions by Carol Smallwood Finishing Line Press, 2017 85 pp. $18.99   Reviewed by Judith Skillman Carol Smallwood’s new collection, Prisms, Particles, and Refractions is at once playful and serious. Her work in this volume ranges from extremely concise poems such as “On Days of Slow Rain,” where the speaker becomes “a child again/longing to read/darkened tree bark/like Braille” to the four-page oeuvre written in journal form, “A Late Summer Diary”. The fact that these two poems are neighbors makes the transition between short and long  more emphatic, and creates echoes and resonances. As Smallwood deftly moves through a variety of content and subject matter, the reader gets a sense of an unpredictable world, despite the anchor of a wealth of scientific evidence to the contrary. Facts are posited, yet not accepted as givens. For instance, in “We See,” the persona examines exactly how we do see and absorb light, and questions knowledge imparted during college years. Here, the title becomes the first line:  “We See/with rods and cones I learned/in college—it may not be true/today…”As this poem deepens, mirrors, faces, and sacrifice come into play, as well as the automatic adjustment made by the retina from upside down to right side up. This piece is emblematic of Smallwood’s gift—focused examinations that lead to “aha” moments for both writer and reader. The poems in this...

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Richard Livermore/Poetry

The following poem by Richard Livermore is excerpted from his book in progress “New Selected Poems”, which will be published in Bibliotheca Universalis, a series of chapbooks organized and published by Daniel Dragomirescu in Bucharest, Romania.    by RICHARD LIVERMORE (UNITED KINGDOM) Translated by Roxana Doncu   THE ARMS OF THE VOID  (2016) Arms that held a crocodile in them when the stars emerged from their sleep, cradled a lion and placed him under the sign of a rock, uprooted a tree to plant it on top of a mega-tsunami, wrestled the moon, and twisted the only arm of the sun to make it rise from under the sea. (Or should we hazard other conjectures concerning this anaconda-to-be?)   BRAȚELE NIMICULUI (2016) Brațe care au îmbrățișat un crocodil pe când stelele se trezeau din somnul lor, au legănat un leu și l-au așezat sub semnul unei stânci, au scos din rădăcini un copac să-l planteze în vârful unui mega-tsunami, s-au încăierat cu luna, și-au răsucit singurul braț al soarelui să-l facă să răsară de sub valuri. (Sau ar trebui să avansăm alte presupuneri privind acest anaconda –a-fi?) Cultural profile Richard Livermore (b. 1944, United Kingdom) has been published in numerous papers and online magazines over the years, in the UK, USA, Spain, Italy and, more recently, Romania. These include 14, AMF Logos, Asses Of Parnassus, Barcelona, Black Mountain Review...

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Greg Stewart/On-Location: New York

Celebrating Rumi: An Alchemical Feast of Food Poetry and Music by Greg Stewart On a blustery autumn night in the Lower East Side I found my way into a birthday celebration for the beloved Sufi poet, Rumi. In the 13th century this great lyricist and spiritualist lived amidst the Persian culture, in what is now present day Afghanistan. Rumi was born into a traditional Persian family; they were active in the world of Islamic preaching for many generations and Rumi continued this tradition. He went on to become a prolific writer, especially in the world of Islamic mysticism. Rumi...

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Around New York/Greg Stewart

Princess Nokia and Suzi Analogue Rock the House at Villain by Gregory Stewart “My name is Suzi Analogue! We gonn vibe tonight!” A whirlwind of light beams out and around the crowd. A wall of sound comes through the two large towers of speakers hanging just above the stage from Analogue’s table of DJ gear.  Her body surrounded by an austere aura of regal purple. Her outfit is a kimono-like robe with a pink bikini top and jean shorts, large-framed pink glasses, fishnets, and boots. Her pink hair shimmers each time she bounces with the music. The figure feels...

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