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Brittany Markert/Photographer Interview

My scenes are the results of following a path of euphoria, and waiting patiently until I am excited about everything involved — the people, the location, the props and most importantly, the energy and emotions present. This is the die-hard romantic in me, letting love and feelings guide my inspiration. Sometimes I wait as long as three months for the perfect energy and circumstances to make a picture. I am inspired by theatre, literature, films and daydreams, to name a few, and want my work to have a narrative sensibility acted out in familiar or dreamlike structures.

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Carl Oprey on Stephen Shore @ MoMA

©Stephen Shore South of Klamath Falls, U.S. 97, Oregon, July 21, 1973 ***  A Major Retrospective of Photographer Stephen Shore   by Carl Oprey Contributing Art Editor To hear Stephen Shore talk about his work sounds, perhaps,  just like a technical process. Of lists. Of hitting a road trip with the aim of keeping a visual diary of meals, people, motel rooms and buildings. Using specifically an 8 x 10 camera, in a car, it reads as a list or an inventory. He wanted to take pictures that felt as natural as speaking did. As, perhaps, describing what it...

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Desirée Alvarez/Public Poetry

At Governors Island I anticipated a dark apocalyptic response to the current administration. What I got instead was a utopian vision of empathy, kindness and integrity. I also got overwhelmed, unable to keep up with the steady flow of lines written by the public.

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Education/Nancy Barno Reynolds

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash   Critical Literacy, Economic Growth, and the Standards Movement: Are We Speaking the Same Language?   by Nancy Barno Reynolds Education Editor The introduction of ESSA (2016) laws mandated by then-President of the United State, Barack Obama, required states and public school districts to create – and adhere to – a set of common understandings regarding goals and objectives of grade-level curriculum, p-12.  Technically, these new standards allowed for the personalization and  replacement of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), a  mandate introduced in 2010 which set the parameters of a literate individual in 45 states...

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Julie McCarthy/Education

Photo by Bill Wegener on Unsplash *** Uncertain Times for Diverse Learners   by Julie McCarthy A couple of years ago at a New York State conference for teachers of speakers of other languages, we were told that all teachers are teachers of students who speak a language other than English.  This was great news for ESL teachers everywhere: all teachers should be responsible for working with all the students who come into their classrooms. One conference participant raised his hand to ask, “Does that mean as NYS certified ESL teachers, we will be out of a job soon?”...

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