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Steve Poleskie/Then and Now

Citadelle Laferriere, built between 1805 and 1820 to protect Haiti from invasion. Photo by Stephen Poleskie     Almost Shot Out of the Sky While Flying Over a “Shithole” Country     By Stephen Poleskie Donald Trump’s recent derogatory comment about Haiti got me thinking about a trip my wife and I, and three of our friends, took to Port-au-Prince some years ago. The trip was made it in my Piper Apache, a twin engine airplane—an extra engine is useful to have when flying over vast stretches of ocean. I must admit that Haiti wasn’t our original destination. However, after...

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Barbara Rosenthal/A Crack in the Sidewalk

  The Production of Meaning in Art Fabrication: What Are You Doing? Do You Know? When? Before or After?   by Barbara Rosenthal Contributing Columnist — NYC, March 1, 2018. Which comes first? It’s not the same for every artist. And maybe it isn’t the same for every piece. The “message” of a work of art, and the fabrication/construction/creation/manifestation of that message. The meaning and its object/icon/image/word/conveyance. We start here with the premise that art has meaning. (Perhaps we can explore the premise itself, but in a future essay.) So if an artwork has meaning, it was instigated by...

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Sue Atkinson/Old Schools, Part 2

Populism nowadays is equated in popular media with bigotry and intolerance, but in the late 19th century, the populist movement represented rural residents’ desire to shape national policy that attended to the interests of producers as well as commercial interests. After losing the battle over monetary policy, the movement dwindled, the Democratic Party turned to corporate liberalism, and farmers’ interests were abandoned.

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Steve Dalchinsky/Poetry

the stone age   i’m lost – they’ve knocked me back to the stone age – this sick skin in a dream populated by science fiction literates – this terribly lonely dream populated by people into their own heads – gin drinkers & young girls sitting around 4 legged bathtubs like fountain ornaments – stigmata the size of ½ dollars in their outstretched palms shooting sperm-like elixir out of them like hot ice pops – these are an old man’s fantasies – mother & daughter sitting on the living room couch legs crossed one over the other – sick mom sick daughter sick skin – i got my marriage license today – & it made my head wound hurt all the more – i watch them reading a book in the mirror – i am more tired than my parents – it is partly cloudy & i feel shallow panicky watery & itchy – as shallow as the book i’m writing – knocked back to the stone age – i wait for her by the window after 7 days of rain – this after i accuse the Korean girl of trying to short change me – he spoke of the autonomy of a  work of art & other intellectual bullshit that went right under my head – he’s her brother i thought – they think alike – the window...

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Jessica Powell and Meredith Sinclair/Education

JACOB MORCH Photo/Unsplash     No Room for Nice White Teachers When We’re Taking Down the Master’s House   By Jessica Powell and Meredith Sinclair Over the past decade, the dialogue around education reform has gotten louder, at times acknowledging inequities in our system of schooling. We hear debates about funding and the need for more “high quality teachers.”  Sometimes the discourse even acknowledges that schools today are in many places more segregated than they were in the late 1960s. What this education reform debate fails to address is how white supremacy undergirds our system of education and is...

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