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A Crack in the Sidewalk/Barbara Rosenthal

  A Crack in the Sidewalk: Journaling   by Barbara Rosenthal — NYC, Nov. 1, 2017. Welcome back again to this monthly column. Looks like the way it began last month is the way it will go every month. That particular incidents will trigger the topics, some of which were listed in that September column. What pulled my trigger this month, for a column on keeping a journal, was a startling communiqué to my publisher, Joseph Quintela, by an investigative reporter from the Italian daily, La Repubblica, Andrea Lattanzi. Seems that a 1967 photograph of me turned up in...

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Books for Long Nights/Reviews

  About Consciousness by Heath Brougher (ISBN #1974100529) 2017 46 pages,  12″ x 8.5″, paperback, full color ($14.99) Alien Buddha Press. Middleton, DE (   About Consciousness by Heath Brougher Review by Eli T. Mond   In About Consciousness, Heath Brougher transforms himself into The Freethinker’s Voice, a nebulous figure — or group of figures — responsible for the circulation of necessary thought. This is a highly coveted title that tends to attract self-serving fauxlosophers and cultural critics who praise the mediocre and damn the insightful. However, like most things in life, those worthy of certain honors tend to be those who don’t actually seek them out, but, instead, speak their truths regardless of the potential praise, or hatred, they may receive as the result of their honesty. It’s for these reasons why the writing in Heath Brougher’s third collection speaks to me on such a deep level. With his verse, he speaks with a tone that is simultaneously objective and subjective. He is sure, yet also seeking; he is wise, yet admittedly ignorant to the ultimate Truth(s) on which this reality is built. He effortlessly bounces between the mundane and the existential, sometimes even in the same piece. A perfect example of this is the poem, “I Found God,” where he states, I found God huddled half dead in a garbage can in the alley of the city...

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Alexis Rhone Fancher/Fiction

Unsplash: Henning Witzel photo *** His Full Attention   by Alexis Rhone Fancher Eduardo’s exceptionally large. When he drives too fast up the mountain, yanking me to him on the curves, his body is an invitation. I keep my eyes on the road, a silver ribbon, illuminated by the full moon. “Eres una chica,” Eduardo croons, his thick, right arm over my shoulder, his left hand on the wheel. Can I really play a tough girl? I think, and run my fingers lightly over his warm, brown skin, twirl the lock of wavy black hair that keeps falling into...

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At the Năvodari Camp/Daniel Dragomirescu

The more I wished to go on that journey, the longer the waiting seemed. My father’s stories about seeing the Danube, Saligny’s bridge and everything else were not enough and I was burning with anticipation. I wanted to see myself on that train once and for all.

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On Location/Greg Stewart’s NY

Greg Stewart photo Jack and Odetta, Stage Left 2  Odetta Hartman Rocks the House at Rough Trade   Review and photos by Greg Stewart   Odetta Hartman and Jack Inslee take the stage under blue lights at Rough Trade in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Jack fills a long table with the gadgets necessary for electronic music production, a drum-pad and his Mac laptop with a smiling sticker on the back. Odetta stands in a sea of instruments  she will pick up and play masterfully throughout the performance. After a loving, comfortable introduction, the two begin an intertwining exchange of sounds. Odetta’s voice echoes in ethereal vocalizations...

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