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Mattina Blue/Artist Spotlight

Abu Dhabi, India, Phuket, SIngapore *** Mapping Worlds Polemic ***  Mattina Blue is a painter, designer and educator, whose work stands on decades of dedication to photographic and meditational practices. Her interest is in using the special qualities inherent to watercolor (bleeding, merging, flowing, layering) to evoke the emotions that rise and fall in our attachments and entanglements with other people. A graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology and Hampshire College, ​​her work has been exhibited, published, and commissioned for more than twenty five years. She is the author of three books and the creator of a number of large-scale public works. An insatiable traveler with a...

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Green Lantern Redux/Movies

Green Lantern to Come Out From the Shadows?   The last Green Lantern was a resounding flop. The lack of direction in the original film cost the franchise dearly. Ryan Reynolds for his part didn’t fit the Hal Jordan character, but thankfully it didn’t hurt his prospects too much as he is now flourishing as Deadpool. However, despite the disappointment that surrounded the first Green Lantern film, it seems Warner Bros. and DC are both intent on setting the record straight. It was about three years ago when Dwayne Johnson excited DC fans with a tweet about the possibility of featuring in the new Green Lantern movie. That single post led millions to think that Johnson might actually play John Stewart in a GL film.  John Stewart was the first African-American superhero to appear in DC Comics, and later on became a major recurring character in the Green Lantern mythos within the DC Universe. His character can also be seen in several Justice League animation movies. While Johnson did confirm that he was indeed meeting with Warner Bros. about a DC Comics movie project, the fans later found out that Johnson won’t be starring in the upcoming Green Lantern film. Instead, he is set to play Black Adam,  archenemy of the DC superhero Shazam. Despite Johnson revealing that he wasn’t going to play Green Lantern, it seems that a movie...

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Building Andy Warhol – Work in Progress

23 23 Album Building Andy Warhol - Work in Progress 24 24 Album Building Andy Warhol - Work in Progress 35 35 Album Building Andy Warhol - Work in Progress 31 31 Album Building Andy Warhol - Work in Progress 27 27 Album Building Andy Warhol - Work in Progress 33 33 Album Building Andy Warhol - Work in Progress 34 34 Album Building Andy Warhol - Work in Progress 32 32 Album Building Andy Warhol - Work in Progress 37 37 Album Building Andy Warhol - Work in...

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Tom Deisboeck/Comix

*** What’s So Funny? Tom Deisboeck’s work draws a sharp contrast between what is and what is said to be, narrowing the truth to a marriage of opposites. In these five panels, we get a taste of how Tom sees the world, and in his enthusiasm to share these insights, we get a glimpse into him, as well. Tom’s work will appear from time to time in Ragazine.CC. We are glad to have him on board. See our COMIX page for more, from Tom and others.     Tom Deisboeck is a scientist turned entrepreneur who attended Technical University...

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Dante Distefano/Poetry

A gun rack tickles your ribcage when you
make love in the extended cab’s back seat.
You shoot the breeze with angels and sing hymns
that harmonize buckshot and wildflower.

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