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Jim Palombo/Ivanka as Attaché

Obviously the President’s daughter is facing some difficult times, especially as she begins to move in international circles where others are well-versed in comprehensive, political and economic analyses. She may well be in an untenable position – one where she simply can’t escape from the longstanding influence of her father’s logic and one where those on the world stage will not remain interested in her in the role as ingénue.

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George Preston Nelson, Poetry

Through the “Door to the River” I See  AAA no Brechtian “earthquakes to come,’’ only cool Coltranian chromatic riffs ascending/descending  Giant Steps tween heaven and house, notes runnin-t-getha in clefs of black juice poured between strokes of the calligrapher’s cursive script. Cool, cool-cool, cool heat rising to the sky in the roof of our common heart. We pause in the saddle of understanding and look over the edge of time to the ancient rivers while that agile between the notes tumbles to our alluvial delta of Communitas.   East Village, NY July 1962 About the poet: George Nelson Preston is an artist, writer, activist, and more. He is the founder & director of the Museum of Art and Origins in New York City ( You can read more about him in a profile by Dr. Petra Richterova here:

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Galanty Miller/ReTweets

  Maybe a pill… by Galanty Miller Columnist With all the horrible things going on in the world, it’s very comforting to know that at least Mr. Rogers is still alive./ Bisexual? Heck, I’m TRIsexual because I won’t try ANYTHING./ So much information out there. Teens need to know that you can’t get pregnant by humping your friends’ furniture when you house-sit for them./ As my financial advisor explained it to me, “You’re bankrupt because you spent all your savings on expensive European skin moisturizers.”/ Don’t forget! Tomorrow is National Yesterday Day. It’s the one day of the year that we get together to celebrate today./ I truly believe that our nation works best when Americans are completely divided over every single issue. If I could have dinner with any two people, living or dead, I’d choose Gandhi & Kylie Jenner- so Gandhi could see how the world turned out./ It was an ugly divorce. But I sent a Facebook friend request to my ex-wife, just to show there are no hard feelings./ Medical technology is amazing. I truly believe that in my lifetime, a mound of cocaine will be replaced by a single pill./ Maybe my ungrateful, unappreciative family should celebrate YOU’RE WELCOMESGIVING!/ Whoever invented Twitter knew the exact amount of characters necessary to keep your tweets from being significant./ Here’s another kids joke for adults: Q Why...

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Jessica Fridrich/Photographer Interview

© Jessica Fridrich Alcove:  Frozen in Time | 30×45 | C-print *** Going to Extremes: A Scientist in the Wild A with Mike Foldes Q)  Jessica, thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions about your photography and your work as a steganographer. What a great word!  I read a bit of your biography both online and in the presentation brochure accompanying the photography exhibit now showing at Brunelli Gallery in Binghamton. It seems there is a visual creative streak running in your family. Is this your first public exhibit or have you exhibited your work previously? A) This...

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