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Bali International Indigenous Film Festival

Bali International Indigenous Film Festival 2018 January 26 – January 28 By Stephanie Brookes An event took place in Ubud, Bali in January 2018 that honoured the work of indigenous documentary filmmakers and over the course of two days was attended by Indonesian locals, international guests, filmmakers and patrons. The inaugural Indigenous Film Festival Bali launched at Paradiso Theatre, Ubud to a sell-out crowd on the opening night.  A beautiful documentary drama was screened, Long Saan – a true story about a Dayak man from Kalimantan who returned to his homeland with the director Erick Est presenting with David...

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Fred Roberts/World Music

Few people outside of the Dutch, Flemish and Afrikaans speaking world will have heard of Stef Bos. He entered the music scene in Holland in 1990 with a song Papa that struck a nerve. It’s a Dutch counterpart to Harry Chapin’s evergreen Cat’s In the Cradle…

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Mario Moroni/Poetry

 *** Intermezzo by Mario Moroni   Recitare le ceneri Ciò che rimane del giorno, ciò che non si vede più o che è stato mal visto, quel giorno quando John Trevor era uscito in strada, scese le scale: “Cielo quasi blu dalle mille forme scure” aveva commentato, sguardo oltre le nuvole tanti passi come quei passi ed ora camminava già oltre tre isolati, mentre Martin Jones, impiegato, era uscito arrabbiato, colto da collera strana dopo che suo figlio, così, al telefono, gli aveva detto: “Me ne vado”, voce oltre le nuvole, cielo dalle mille forme scure, così aveva voltato l’angolo e senza pensare aveva chiesto: “Perché?” Come se non capisse e di fronte alla metro aveva visto Stephanie Lane, madre di due, che correva con lo sguardo oltre le nuvole, con mille voci nella testa, credeva che i suoi figli non avessero fatto in tempo a scuola e così voleva telefonare, così, solo per sapere.       Intermezzo 1 Con lo sguardo oltre le nuvole, con mille voci nella testa, sopra le mille e mille luci mille riflessi dai libri sacri, da città deserte e mille, mille villaggi, così, ora riunite le greggi meccaniche, così, proprio ora, riunite le greggi alate, ora con questo sguardo sono io a parlare, io molte volte io, a quale voce ho diritto io, pastore tra mille e mille luci, pastore...

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Bill Yarrow/Poetry

RUN OF HUNTERS The leaking state. Comparative possum. The crushing sound of conjunction. Like eating a meal of attenuated steam. I am passionately committed to palisade market shares. Time is the bebop of the spheres. Your self insists you take inverted sides. What’s that? The raw temperature of grief? Art is the fire that burns horror from beauty. The staid orphans disappear into the crepuscular dusk. He crosses his legs, the street, himself. The mystery is just not credible. Look—Sadducees! September 12, 1928. Cache of cash. Hate’s grapefruit. Be vertical. Strive to be vertical. No way to know the correct pronunciation of  “chthonic.” Rude fluids nurture the nightmare. The squidness of existence.     THE BODY IN THE OTHER ROOM   I couldn’t parse the grammar of her body nor decode the secret softness of her neck. I didn’t learn the tango of her shining nor even once track the trespass of her tongue. No one could rob her being of its bullion or untie the satin lashes of her charm. I lay with her on a tarnished beach at noon. Above us, blind seagulls interrogated aqueous clouds. I whispered a sinuous … I could go on but I’m tired, tired of describing what doesn’t exist, what never existed, except in words, words, whorish words of a certain alignment, a certain innocuous provocative vicinity.       About the...

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