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Celebrating Rumi: An Alchemical Feast of Food Poetry and Music

On a blustery autumn night in the Lower East Side I found my way into a birthday celebration for the beloved Sufi poet, Rumi. In the 13th century this great lyricist and spiritualist lived amidst the Persian culture, in what is now present day Afghanistan. Rumi was born into a traditional Persian family; they were active in the world of Islamic preaching for many generations and Rumi continued this tradition. He went on to become a prolific writer, especially in the world of Islamic mysticism. Rumi popularized the form of meditative dance known as Sama. The story of Rumi...

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Around New York/Greg Stewart

Princess Nokia and Suzi Analogue Rock the House at Villain by Gregory Stewart “My name is Suzi Analogue! We gonn vibe tonight!” A whirlwind of light beams out and around the crowd. A wall of sound comes through the two large towers of speakers hanging just above the stage from Analogue’s table of DJ gear.  Her body surrounded by an austere aura of regal purple. Her outfit is a kimono-like robe with a pink bikini top and jean shorts, large-framed pink glasses, fishnets, and boots. Her pink hair shimmers each time she bounces with the music. The figure feels...

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