Joseph “JT” Thompson/Art

In breaking a painting down into compartmentalized units of color, stripped of all extraneous detail, the composition becomes open to interpretation. My paintings don’t offer a representation of reality, but an idea of it.

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Andrea, O’Reilly Herrera/Art Review

Like CAFÉ — an exhibition of Cuban diasporic art conceived by Cuban artists Leandro Soto, Yovani Bauta and Israel León Viera, and curated by Soto — Grupo Neo-Latino conceptually acknowledges the fluid and conditional aspects of cultural and national identity formation.[8] Highlighting the themes of artistic translation, adaptation, synthesis and transformation, the group fundamentally recognizes that cultural identity is on a continuum and is always ‘in process’.

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Michael Netter/Artist Spotlight

Hats in the Air | 2016 | Acrylic and spray enamel on canvas | 32 x 50 in. (81.3 x 127 cm) *** "...paying homage to higher powers."   “Looking at my work I have been most curious about the subjective and illusory nature of messages, narratives and symbols. I make...

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Mike Foldes/Laura Guese-Artist Interview

I consider painting itself to be so soothing and meditative for me. That is my form of meditation. Time stops while I’m painting and hours pass without me realizing it. It is such a great feeling to become totally lost in the creation of a painting.

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Mike Foldes/Yunior Hurtado-Artist Interview

ESPERA | 90x130 cm   The Music of Cuba in Color An interview with Yunior Hurtado Torres   With Mike Foldes Q) When did you get interested in art?  A) Desde niño siempre he querido hacer cosas, copiar de lo que nos rodea y dibujarlo a mi manera. No tenia idea...

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On Location/France

Q) What is the first image you remember ?

A) … when I was 12-13 years old near my school was small shoemaker shop, he was selling illegal hand made black and white photographies of rock stars, porno and erotic playing cards printed on old B&W photographic paper. This erotic image is still in my mind…

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William Wolak/Words and Images

I write poems, translate poetry, make collages, and take photographs. The creative energy and drive for self expression is the same in all of the above; for me, it’s simply a question of what materials are at hand and where my attention is focused at any particular time. My first love is poetry, so that’s where I expend most of my time and creative energy.

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L’arte assume Roma

A couple of months ago we received an e-mail with links to a two-part documentary by Gwen Stacy on street art in Rome, Italy. The short films came from David Capone of Dioniso Punk. It’s a good thing a few of the artists featured in the films speak English, because I would have been lost in translation from the Italian — except for the art, which speaks to the eye, not the ear. Spectacular. We’ve got great wall art in New York, and other places in the States, but the walls of Rome and its socio-political-artistic histories provide a different influence, as seen in these urban canvases. I asked David if he would elaborate a bit on the details of their work…

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On Location/France

Hilja Keading: I work every second of every day, but I don’t think of it as work. I like the way Lewis Hyde writes about the difference between work and labor. And you know what they say, if you love what you do, it is not work. A few years ago we moved into a house where we converted an old stable in the back into two small studios. I am just now beginning to be fully present wherever I am. Before, when I was in the kitchen I used to think “I should be in the studio.” Or if I was in the studio, I would think “I should be cleaning up the house.” Now, I just trust that I am in the right place at the right time.

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Anthony Brunelli/Artist Interview

When I was in tenth grade, my high school art teacher, Dave Menichiello took our class on a trip to NYC. We went to some galleries and when I walked into Pace Gallery, in SoHo at the time, I was overwhelmed by nine-foot portrait paintings by the artist Chuck Close. They looked like large black and white photographs. When I got up close to them, I saw that he did them all with his thumbprint and stamp pad ink. It blew me away.

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Cynthia Karalla / Photographer

Case in point, after 6 years of photographing the same tree in the park, it was only recently that she got something she could actually embrace. It wasn’t the tree that changed, but it was everything around it (including her) that finally let her see and represent the tree in its proper relation to its surroundings.

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Joseph H. Lindsley, 1920-2015

Joe’s presence was a godsend to many directionless youth seeking someone who would listen to them without being judgmental. If anything, he was the ultimate encourager, listening, sharing, reinforcing the natural and native inclinations, and creativity, of those he knew. The constancy in his own work, and the encouragement he provided others to pursue their own dreams and creative urges, were a cure for their insecurity, and perhaps even his own best medicine for what sometimes must have been an ailing spirit. But spirited he was, and that’s how he is remembered here.

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Gianna Putrino/Emerging Artist

The anxiety series is a standalone series that I had done for my senior BFA showcase at Oswego. The Identity series is somewhat a continuation from that anxiety series, but instead of self-exploration I explored the identities and self-perceptions of my peers and fellow artists at this transitional period of life from student into adulthood.

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