Plenty of art these days doesn’t fit into any categorized genre. We call this section “Comix & Stuff,” but it could just as well be titled “You’ve never seen this before Art,” or maybe just plain “Stuff,”  or “WTF?” Juxtapoz does a great job of presenting contemporary West Coast/LA animé-goth-weird-fantasy work, just as La Luz de Jesus gallery has done for as many years. We love that stuff, but we don’t see much of it coming our way, so if you’ve got a portfolio, or a single panel suitable for “COMiX & Stuff,” sent it along. For now, email to,  and we’ll see how it goes.  Meanwhile, if you have a show of your own at some gallery somewhere, and you want people to know about it, feel free to place an announcement in Ragazine.CC‘s EVENTS Calendar (indexed above).   We like strange…  Let us know if you have comments or questions.








Jonathan Kelham







Edmond Rinnooy Kan




Number 13 | 24” x 30” acrylic and charcoal on canvas/Edmond Rinnooy Kan



Walter Gurbo Drawing Room



Gabriel Navar @ 2017


Jason Greendyk



Gabriel Navar


Gabriel Navar


Gabriel Navar


Tom Deisboeck




Gabriel Navar





Gabriel Navar







Gabriel Navar





Diptych, Walter Gurbo



Small Painting 21




ai-ing Clairvoyance/Gabe Navar







Cubed, Gabrield Navar, 2017



Digging Around/Gabriel Navar, 2017.
















January Haze. Gabriel Navar.


Sunny Daze. Gabriel Navar.


An Autumn Night. Gabriel Navar.


Virtual View, August Hoppin. Gabriel Navar.




From Allen Forrest




Allen Forrest: The Masters Revisited








Edmond Rinnooy-Kan, Gou-Gou’s Happy New Year









MOVEii, by Jonathan Kelham







by Allen Forrest: The Onlookers











Gabriel Navar

Gabriel Navar: Trending Now Taking on the Fun




Happy New Year from Edmond Rinnooy-Kaan

Happy New Year from Edmond Rinnooy-Kan







Gabriel Navar: Trending Now Fun Craze


by Allen Forrest









New World Order Board Game @Allen Forrest

NWO The Board Game, by Allen Forrest








Gabriel Navar

by Gabriel Navar,




Walter Gurbo,




Gabriel Navar,