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Eric Ross/Music Review

To be honest, I felt a bit intimidated to approach reviewing an album that by all accounts is an important work. I know very little about the Theremin, beyond that it was invented in 1920 and used in songs like the Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations” and the beautiful and haunting theme for the 1960s’ series “Dark Shadows,” composed by Robert Colbert. The album has received rave reviews from the New York Times and other world class publications. The only thing I can offer are my personal experiences and perceptions listening to the music, to tell why the music was interesting to me…

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Mendi & Keith Obadike/Interview

Photo by Monteith McCollum Mendi & Keith Obadike take questions about their work in a presentation at the Binghamton Tech Center, March 27, 2018.    An Architecture of Sound:  Music’s Spacial Dimensions    with Julian G. Guevara Interviewer The incredibly visionary duo of Mendi and Keith Obadike visited Binghamton this past month after corresponding with associate professor of English, Dr. Jennifer Stoever. Mendi and Keith spoke in front of a full house of Binghamton students and residents at Tech Works Binghamton about their past and future projects. These unique artists create music, art and literature. Their musical pieces are...

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Fiction/Leslie Brown

  WALKABOUT   by Leslie Brown In the summer of 1969 I told my mother II was going to sublet an apartment in the Cass Corridor. I’d always wanted to live near campus, and this was my last chance, my final quarter of graduate school at Wayne State University. Mama argued. Good girls, decent girls don’t leave home until they gets married. She went off, as if reciting a script about single women based on a blues singer’s lyrics.  A single woman in an apartment, a woman without family. Had she forgotten that my husband had deserted me, I was one of those divorced women? Neighbors be wondering: What man or men coming and going to her home: the postman, delivery man, repairman or door-to-door salesman? How long was the visit? Husband look at that woman walking down the street, they give her a quick sly smile, quick muted sigh…You never know. They got to be the saddest…No, no, you don’t want to be one of those women. “Mama, I have my friends, besides this is 1969 not 1950, the people I’ll be living near won’t care about whether I’m married or not. They mind their own business.” Betsy, the building caretaker wore a shapeless cotton housedress.  She is solidly built with saggy-arms. She stared at me with a look that said, “Don’t fuck with me.” I thought she...

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