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May-June 2015 |Volume 11 Number 3


From Start to Finish

An interview with Alec Dawson

“The photographs express my quiet desperation, my loneliness, and my longing to be desired.”


On Location


The 9th Annual International
London Burlesque Festival 2015

Interview with festival founder Chaz Royal




David Aschkenas’ Hospital

“The photographs in this short series came about due to an unexpected stay in the hospital…”


Featured Posts


Let M Shake


A World Premiere Video from Club K

Let M Shake



6cb2198278b7055d_640_nature“For the Love of Nature”

An excerpt from The Second Coming of Jesus,

by João Cerqueira

When Magdalene and Jesus left the environmental camp, she revealed to him her ruminations…





More on the U.S. and Cuba

– A Conversation

with Keith Bolender

and Jim Palombo


Creative Nonfiction




by Tonya K. Dale

I know why the dog next door cries at night. He’s the black-and-white mutt, the shaggy prisoner of a fenced-in portico…four feet by four feet.


Editor's Note

If you have to begin somewhere, why not a hotel room in Alexandria, Virginia? Especially after a day on the National Mall walking with some little direction and certainly no special distinction, from the Museum of the American Indian, past crowded, cone-marked playing fields of Stonewall kickballers, to slowly rising granite steps of the National Gallery? All in a line between the Capitol building with scaffolded dome glinting under midday sun, to a recently repaired obelisk that appears to have once collapsed and been rebuilt using different colored stone? Or did they just not finish sandblasting before the rigging came down?

And, OH! to spend time with Monet, Corot, Pissarro, Rousseau, Gaugain, Manet, Picasso, Cassat, Van Gogh … the question arises, and I’ve asked it before, who will take care of these masterpieces when we’re gone? When taxpayers and lawmakers refuse to carry the burden longer, or when ignorant hordes with little use for culture and history have their ways with it. I tremble at the thought. And so should you…

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Incognito Witch Selfie: Ginger Anxiety | Mixed Media | 2014 | 24×36

May 15th Third Friday Art Reception 6-11pm: Come in costume or your get your “inner witch” on at the Adornment Station. Activities include unveiling a portrait of a loving mother who is fighting cancer and her autistic child at 6:30pm. Costumed guests are invited to take part in a shoot as extras for an Incognito Witch music video from 7:30-8:30pm.

June 5th First Friday Art Reception 6-11pm: Join Mollie Kellogg for an Artist Presentation and Q&A from 7:30-8pm.

Learn more about the Incognito Witch Project at
Contact Frontal Lobe Gallery at
602-391-4016 or


From our calendar listing

Mollie Kellogg’s “Incognito Witch” Shows Its True Magick

Arizona native brings the Healing Power of Art and Play to Bragg’s Pie Factory Frontal Lobe Gallery

California-based artist and film-maker Mollie Kellogg returns home for a solo exhibit of her award-winningIncognito Witch Project: Celebrating Hidden Magick, for Third Friday, May 15 and First Friday during the Grand Avenue Artwalk, June 5, 2015, 6-11pm, at Frontal Lobe Gallery, 1301 Grand Avenue, #2B, Phoenix, AZ.

Incognito Witch works reveal the subject’s hidden psyche, too often suppressed to meet society’s expectations. Mortals become magickal beings draped in mysterious fabrics, adorned with jewels and leaves, often wearing messy makeup with a signature flash of color under the eyes. These figures evoke a Mother Nature Archetype where power, strength, attraction, empathy and vulnerability are brought into focus.

Incognito Witch paintings:

The “hidden inner magick” message resonates with like-minded individuals, participants, and organizations that support a mission to change the world through art. “I see my art as a way to promote self-acceptance, laughter, play, healing, community and personal possibility,” says Kellogg.

“My friend and amazing artist, Mollie Kellogg, helped me get in touch with my inner self again after I had struggled from a traumatic accident. I felt so empowered!” says Incognito Mindy, AZ, USA. “I want more people to feel that freedom.”

Mollie started the Project in 2009 as a series of “Inner Portrait” mixed media paintings. By 2010 the Project expanded to include a short film. In 2014, the first “Selfie” painting was conceived.

Watch Mollie Kellogg in Sibling Rivalry:

Selfies have emerged as the perfect vehicle for all the folks who want to participate in the Project to take matters into their own hands. Submitted Selfies, shot by the subject, can be viewed at “Completely liberating!” says Selfie submitter, Incognito Amanda, New Zealand.

“Want to have an experience that reeks of magic? Good art has a way of revealing that inner self to us. That’s the magick I’m talking about,” blogs Incognito David, NM, USA. “It was and still is one of the coolest experiences I have ever had with art.”

Most Recent Posts

Music/Fred Roberts

Ragazine is pleased to present a world premier video by Club K out of Kristianstad, Sweden. If you’ve heard of Club K before you will probably want to skip straight to the video.

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Strange Theater/Book Review

  Strange Theater   by John Amen NYQ Books, 2015 Paperback ISBN:  978-1-63045-008-3               Reviewed by Paul Sohar   John Amen has a surprise for his readers every time he comes... read more

Karen Schubert/Fiction

The blueberry ginger muffins were still warm, so I’d left the basket uncovered. I was balancing it and a thermos of coffee with one hand, using the other to get around a box that was nearly wide and long as the entryway. I called halloooo! Lee came in with a handful of socks, dropped a shot glass into each one, and stuffed them into the enormous box between a bag of rice, a rag rug and a few couch pillows…

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Mollie McNeil/Fiction

I want to say I have a lot of brothers inside with sharp knives and baseball bats, but I can’t. I’m no good at lying. Pluto should bite him, but he just thumps his tail on the concrete pavement like we are old pals. More tears stream down my face. I can’t stop them.

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Dió-genes Abréu/Poetry

      THIS NEGRO   This negro doesn’t speak of rivers, I speak of Haitian children whipped by misery and denied a nationality;   this negro doesn’t speak of rivers, there are other currents marking the cartography of this map we call Republic;... read more

Diner Stories/Book Review

    Diner Stories: Off the Menu Edited by Daniel McTaggart         Mountain State Press Inc., Charleston, WV, 25304 Order from ISBN: 978-0-941092-71-5 Published in 2015 234 pages, 6” x 9”, Paperback,... read more

João Cerqueira/Fiction

“The majority of mankind seems to believe in something more than chemical transformations,” Jesus said.

“Have you ever known anyone to rejoice in death?”

“The death of a human being almost always causes suffering to family and friends…”

“Couldn’t it be that they suspect that there’s nothing after that?” Magdalene asked.

“What’s the point in living if you believe in nothing?”

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Michael Jantzen/Art & Architecture

* * The Interactive Sliced House   “If I have the time, I usually develop an idea at least to the model stage very fast, a few days at most!  I usually have two or three projects going at once and they often feed on each other and sometimes directly affect... read more

On Location/France

Zentrum Paul Klee (ZPK), Bern, Switzerland, houses the world’s largest collection of the work of artist Paul Klee. Designed by Italian architect  Renzo Piano, its form and function provides a space “in which the encounter with art becomes reality.”  ... read more

Miriam O’Neal/Poetry

  One Reading of the Contraband of the Hoopoe     requires a suspension of disbelief, new, unpredictable logic, journeys, tones of bells, strings, and drums, bodies frozen, bodies in motion, many birds, always the hoopoe   sometimes the editorial... read more

Cheyenne Dorsagno/Poetry

People I Knew   1   When I first met you, your shirt was striped – fat purple, thin black, medium pink, white too! No pattern, varying thicknesses. “I like your shirt,” I said. That was a lie.   You said there was a dead body buried in your front yard... read more

Tonya K. Dale/Creative Nonfiction

I know why the dog next door cries at night. He’s the black-and-white mutt, the shaggy prisoner of a fenced-in portico…four feet by four feet. Cement floor.
No one is home, usually, where he lives, except for him. And so he talks to himself, and me, and the other neighbors.

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Alec Dawson / Photographer Interview

For my Nocturna series, all I would do is go for a walk with the model in dark neighborhood. I’d find a spot where the lighting was favorable/inspirational. I’d set my camera up on a tripod and test the exposure. The model would disrobe, place herself in the scene, and I would take a few photographs. We’d pack up and move to another spot. Typically, I would get at least 10 solid photographs from a single evening of walking around.

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On Location / London

In its 9th year, the London Burlesque Festival dares to be the biggest burlesque festival on the planet with a staggering seventeen days of neo-burlesque shows and more than 100 performers from around the globe…

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Mark Levy/Casual Observer

I’ve been spending time in my doctor’s office lately, not because I’m sick or injured, but because I’m one of the few patients of his who’s insured. See, he’s got two kids in college and a Ferrari that is only three payments from being paid off. So he really needs me more than I need him and we both know it…

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Peter Krok/Poetry

    Looking For His Mind     How many times did he tell himself, “This too shall pass?” How many times did he fall into darkness where his glasses did no good? He keeps falling, heavy with questions. The Master asks, “Where are... read more


Following American President Barack Obama’s announcement of the historic agreement to normalize relations with Cuba there has been a considerable amount of speculation as to what happens next, and how normalization will take place between these two neighbors that have been estranged for more than 50 years…

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